Sadashi Inuzuka

When I first encountered clay it was a revelation. I discovered how to use my hands to connect the material world to what is inside of me. When I create my work I recall that powerful memory and this is what I want to share with the viewer in this new project. It is about the aesthetic and conceptual completion of a ceramic object through the body experience of the viewer.


This project will be a series of sculptures inspired by the body and its movement. Visitors are invited to touch the work and once in close physical contact they will be able to hear sounds emanating from inside the sculpture. These may be ambient sounds, a word or a fragment of a story – each a poetic reference to the sculpture’s form and a memory. Like a piece of functional ceramic ware, these sculptures are conceptually and formally completed when they merge with the body’s senses.


Ceramics has such a long connection to the body yet contemporary ceramic sculpture has become detached from that history, positioned more within the gallery/museum experience. This project celebrates the physical nature of ceramics and in this way is an old and new vision of what ceramic sculpture is. I want to bring the human body back into the work and demonstrate that a sculptural form is completed through the senses, ritual and reflection. This project aims to bridge the distance between artist and audience.


This project is significant for me as it will be the first time I directly refer to my experience as a visually impaired person. As this is a collaborative project, I also look forward to the possibilities and challenges of working with a dancer/performer on this work.