Sadashi Inuzuka

When I was a child I wanted to make things with my hands.  I did not know then the power of art but only wanted to create things with my hands. When I began to study art and when I encountered clay for the first time it was a revelation. I discovered how to connect the material and spiritual world through the creative process. Decades of art practice have allowed my attitude to evolve, yet my first belief in art -its power to communicate and bring the inside and outside worlds together -remains unchanged.


For many years I focused on the physical part of art – the long hours in the studio, the effort of making large ceramic sculptures. I was absorbed by the demands of the material and found inspiration within my own mental and emotional states while in the studio. Later in my career, as I began to look around me, my work shifted. Still physically involved in making hundreds of elements for large installations, I began to explore my relationship to the larger world and the fragile balance of society and the environment. These installations were intuitive interpretations of pressing issues – water ecology, invasive species, gene modification. It was during this time that I began to mix traditional materials to new technologies.


In my new work, I have returned to an interest in the body - that my consciousness is connected to my experience of the world through the senses, of form, touch and reflection. My concern for the future of the natural world and society may not be as evident, but it is still there just deeper and less obvious. The inside and outside worlds still meet, and this time my work is that skin.